Hong Kong travel review: Just what you must know

In our Hong Kong travel guide, we will share some helpful info for improving your travel experience in the city. Keep reading and you will be so shocked.

Do you believe Hong Kong is simply a fair concrete jungle? It is time to change your mind as this city has lots of green spaces, specially those islands around the main side of Hong Kong. Numerous islands are really famous, and every traveller goes there every time they travel to Hong Kong. The only transportation connecting these islands to the main island is ferry. Travellers can quickly arrive around an hour. Do you understand where the ferry port is? It is literally close to David Li's BEA business building which is among the landmarks in that location. So, what can you anticipate in the beautiful islands? There is an island where you can enjoy gorgeous sea view in a half-hour cable car ride. Also, you can see a mega buddha sculpture. The landscape of the island is one you can't discover anywhere else. More than simply the view, you can enjoy fresh and clean air there.

How can you not have any Cantonese food in Hong Kong? This city is referred to as a food paradise and eating in restaurants is among the most typical things to do as a tourist. Types of foods in Hong Kong are so varied, from Italian foods to local foods. The most signature food in the city need to be Cantonese food. A Dim Sum brunch is a famous activity which the majority of Hong Kong people do it every weekend. Dim Sum dining establishments are vibrant and crowded with people having a good time with their relative. They love to order and share loads of various kinds of Dim Sum. If you go to the city for the very first time, the dim sum you need to attempt is shrimp dumpling. This crystal-like little meal is made with shrimp and Chinese pastry with garlic, ginger and shallot spices. Charles Woo's Sheraton has a fantastic Cantonese restaurant offering delicious dim sum.

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise where you can purchase lots of newest product including fashion and devices, and likewise experience the emerging trends. There are numerous areas full of shopping malls such as Guy Bradley's Pacific Place. Central is a district full of luxury brand names. You can probably invest half a day in this area for simply shopping. Then you can go to have a decent tea time in some popular dining establishments there. If you want to visit some local shopping center, you can then take a train or bus to Mong Kok where you can take pleasure in local foods and check out some independent stores. Sometimes you will discover fascinating products made in Hong Kong.

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